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Dünyadan Sesler is an Istanbul-based music platform that started out in 2011 with the motto discover the music. 


This journey that we started to share the music we listen to turned into a pleasant collective work with hundreds of thousands of listeners. The music we shared was appreciated in Turkey and around the world and was listened to by millions. We collaborated with leading cultural and entertainment organizations in our work with musicians and record companies from all over the world. 


Dünyadan Sesler continues to be at the very heart of art as one of the leading music startups of Turkey, with its original YouTube videos, 24/7 online radio broadcasts, music festivals in Istanbul, London, Paris and initiatives in the music industry.


We have reached 100.000 audiences on YouTube

AUGUST 5th, 2020

We are now 500.000 music lovers together

MARCH 27th, 2022

OCTOBER 19th-20th, 2022

DECEMBER 2nd, 2022

12nd,13rd,14th,16th 2023

DECEMBER 10th, 2023

Sound of Istanbul Vol III
Babylon, Şişli


FEBRUARY 1st, 2020

We launched 2.0 version with new contents

FEBRUARY 19th, 2022

JULY 6th, 2022

NOVEMBER 8th, 2022

JUNE 17th, 2023

OCTOBER 4th, 2023

Live Session @ Zuhal Müzik




Send us your track through Groover, get listened to and feedback guaranteed!


Uncover musical gems, empower artists, and join the journey of growth.

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